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Statue Magazine publishes fiction stories of between 1000-6000 words, on a current annual schedule in the month of December. As of January 2024, we explicitly do not accept AI-generated content. We encourage fiction writers of all genres and styles to submit their stories.

How to Submit


Format your manuscript in Standard Manuscript Format, utilising 12-point font, a proportional font such as Courier or Times New Roman, double-spaced, with no blank lines between paragraphs. On the first page, include your name and email address (mailing address optional). Additionally, create a header for every subsequent page containing your last name, the title of your work, and the page number. We encourage the inclusion of a brief cover letter within the body of your email, highlighting any prior fiction sales or writing workshops attended. Please refrain from providing a synopsis or summary of your story.

Subject Line of Your Email: 

Enter the subject line as Submission: (the title of your story). The title of your story should be in the subject line of your email.

Submission Email:

Send your submission to

Our Process and Response Times

Response Time: 

We typically respond to submissions within 1-4 weeks, though occasionally response times may be longer. All acceptances will be communicated via email. Rejections will no longer be communicated via email – please query us after 4 weeks if you would like feedback on your submission. Acceptances will first be shortlisted until 2-3 months before publication, at which point the selected stories will be edited.

Content Preferences:

While we appreciate eloquent prose, clarity is essential. Originality is highly valued, and we are less inclined towards narratives featuring overused themes or settings.

Content Restrictions:

We ask that graphic depictions of sex and violence remain within the confines common decency. Furthermore, we strictly prohibit depictions of sexual or sadistic violence involving children, and frown on violence involving animals.

Word Limit and Writers

We prefer submissions under 6,000 words, though longer works will still be considered. Statue Magazine warmly welcomes submissions from new and unpublished writers, as well as established authors. We encourage writers from diverse backgrounds and experiences to submit their work.

Acceptances, Payment, and Rights

Accepted manuscripts will undergo line editing for grammar, punctuation, and clarity, with authors given the opportunity to review and discuss edits. Payment will be issued upon receipt of the final, edited manuscript.

We offer £80 GBP per 1,000 words for standard acceptances. For additional information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Thank you for considering Statue Magazine for your fiction submission. We eagerly anticipate reading your work!